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Kinanthropometry equipment and software suppliers

ISAK does not certify any material from any company, ISAK only indicates the anthropometry equipment characteristics in the Manual. ISAK does not certify any software for anthropometric measurement.

Recommendations for measurement with COVID-19

Here there is a link with the recommendations to measure anthropometric and teach ISAK courses during COVID-19 situation:

Best kinanthropometry article published on 2020 prize

The Special Projects Group, after ISAK council approval, has created the “Best Kinanthropometry article published on 2020” prize. This prize consists in ISAK emitting a certification to the authors of the Kinanthropometry investigation that obtains the highest mark considering the criteria described bellow. NZ$1,000 be allocated to the principal author of the winner (if more than one paper winner, the prize money would be split accordingly).

The award would be evaluated on the basis on impact factor, JCR quartile and the importance of research for the advancement of Kinanthropometry. 

In order to be able to opt to this prize, the research must be one where Kinanthropometry is a fundamental tool and it must be published (not just accepted) during 2020 on indexed to JCR journals. Furthermore, at least 50% of the authors must be current members of ISAK and the first author must be to can participate.
For participate for this prize you should send to before February 15th 2021 the next data:
- Published article on PDF.

- Completed data table

Article novelty theme (maximum 200 characters)  
Number of authors  
JCR quartile on 2019 classification  
JCR category of classification  
Impact index of the journal on 2019  

[Information for instructors] Tutorial management ISAK online system

It has uploaded to the ISAK system a video with a tutorial about management of the ISAK online system for instructors, which includes the main challenges in the management of the ISAK courses and how to resolve them. To see it, go to your ISAK profile, go to "Teaching area", go to "Videos" and search "Tutorial about management of the ISAK online system for instructors".


This is the latest edition of ICSSPE News!:

[Postponement] XVII World Congress of Kinanthropometry (ISAK-UA 2020)

The XVII World Congress on Cineantropometry (ISAK-UA 2020) has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new dates are from July 1 to 3, 2021. For more information: