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Kinanthropometry equipment and software suppliers

ISAK does not endorse any material from any company, ISAK only indicates the anthropometry equipment characteristics in the Manual. ISAK does not make any judgement about the quality of any software.


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Meet the International Journal of Kinanthropometry

We are pleased to inform you that the International Journal of Kinanthropometry has just published its second issue (June 2022) and is now open for scientific papers. You can find all the information on the website:

Recommendations for measurement with COVID-19

Here there is a link with recommendations about health precautions when conducting anthropometric measures during COVID-19 situation::

[Information for instructors] Tutorial management ISAK online system

It has uploaded to the ISAK system a video with a tutorial about management of the ISAK online system for instructors, which includes the main challenges in the management of the ISAK courses and how to resolve them. To see it, go to your ISAK profile, go to "Teaching area", go to "Videos" and search "Tutorial about management of the ISAK online system for instructors".