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Kinanthropometry equipment and software suppliers

ISAK does not certify any material from any company, ISAK only indicates the anthropometry equipment characteristics in the Manual. ISAK does not certify any software for anthropometric measurement.

Recommendations for measurement with COVID-19

Here there is a link with the recommendations to measure anthropometric and teach ISAK courses during COVID-19 situation:

XVII World Congress of Kinanthropometry (ISAK-UA 2022)

The XVII World Congress on Kinanthropometry (ISAK-UA 2022) will be held on 14-16 July 2022. For more information:

Obituary of José Ramón Alvero

ISAK regrets the death of Dr. José Ramón Alvero Cruz, Specialist Sports Medicine Doctor based in Malaga (Spain). Professor at the University of Malaga and Doctor in Medicine and Sports Sciences, Alvero is one of thehistorical figures of Sports Medicine in Spainand a recognised ISAK Level 3 member. Formore than 30 years, Dr. Alvero has been defending kineanthropometry as a discipline, making him one of the pioneers in Spain and Europe. D.E.P.

Conoce la International Journal of Kinanthropometry

We are pleased to inform you that the International Journal of Kinanthropometry has just published its first issue and is now open for scientific papers. You can find all the information on the website:

Obituary of Arthur David Stewart

It is with great sadness that the ISAK Council announces the recent death of Dr Arthur David Stewart, ISAK Level 4 and former Vice-President after a relatively brief battle with cancer.

Arthur played a key role in all aspects of ISAK Council business from July 2002 until 2014 – a huge contribution.  During that time, he was Vice-President for six years, on the Accreditation Working Group for twelve years and co-authored the 2006 and 2011 editions of the ISAK Manual and the ISAK Handbook plus both Kinanthropometry IX and XI, the proceedings of the ISAK conferences in Thessalonica, Greece and Guangzhou, China respectively. In addition, Arthur printed and sent out ISAK certificates for two years and was the UK distributor for the ISAK Manual until 2020. His contributions in all of those activities were invaluable. 

A gifted teacher, Arthur was one of ISAK’s most influential anthropometrists. He was appointed to Level 4 in 2003 and since then has been the leading ISAK anthropometrist in the UK.  He was also a talented researcher and an internationally-recognized author and presenter of research papers.

In his non-academic life, Arthur was equally accomplished. His sport and recreation activities centred on the outdoors with Nordic Skiing and cycle touring to the fore.  He was an able musician and a passionate and committed family man.  His strong faith clearly influenced his interactions with others and gave him great comfort throughout his life and particularly his last months. Everyone who knew Arthur well will also remember his humour and distinctive Scottish accent.

ISAK’s sincere condolences go out to his wife, Dr Ann Gold, and their two daughters, Amy and Jenna.

[Information for instructors] Tutorial management ISAK online system

It has uploaded to the ISAK system a video with a tutorial about management of the ISAK online system for instructors, which includes the main challenges in the management of the ISAK courses and how to resolve them. To see it, go to your ISAK profile, go to "Teaching area", go to "Videos" and search "Tutorial about management of the ISAK online system for instructors".